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"I recently contracted Ms. Michele Morrissey to present her expertise of Effective Communication during our Fourth Annual Diverse Male Student Initiatives Summer Institute on the campus of Prince George's Community College here in Largo Maryland. Prepared, energized and ready to blast off, she came in and went straight to work. Michele took the students on a fun and engaging journey through the worlds of verbal and non-verbal communication, best practices, etiquette, self-image and the importance of customary respect. Her contributions to our two day Institute were invaluable and we can't wait to bring her back again."
- Program Manager, Diverse Male Student Initiatives, Prince George's Community College

"Michelle, I just wanted to send you a special thanks for your contribution to the Super Leaders retreat. The kids said that out of all of the workshops they attended yours was undoubtedly the most engaging and the information they received was the most useful. During their graduation ceremony the next day they not only spoke of you to the board members but employed some of the public speaking techniques they learned. Kudos to you Michelle. We will definitely be working together in the future."
- Director of Training, Super Leaders Youth Development Program

"I cannot express how wonderful today's session was. The environment that you created for open discussion and ease of communication was excellent. I know that I speak for all of us, when I say that your session has helped us all understand each other in such a better way. More importantly you made a point of forcing us to evaluate ourselves in a positive reaffirming manner. This much needed change in thinking refreshed my professional and personal confidence. I promise to really take into account the lessons and advice that you shared. Starting today, I will utilize your words in a positive manner for the betterment of my organization and my personal journey."
- Conference Center Coordinator

"Her knowledge coupled with the wit of her delivery made evaluating my areas of improvement a rewarding experience. I was truly impressed with the way she was able to tailor her presentation to my specific concerns while keeping everything engaging and lively. I highly recommend Michele to anybody who is looking to improve upon their interpersonal skill sets!"
- CPC Family Relations Coach

"Michele Morrissey has been working with me for about six months. We have been working on Speech Modification; and in this short period of time, I am very pleased with my progress. She is very professional and very knowledgeable. Michele is a people person - she is very personable, and she is committed to helping in any way she can. Consequently, she goes above and beyond her duties to make my learning experience enjoyable and productive."
- Federal Government Employee and Accent Modification/Reduction Client

"Thanks for taking time to share your expertise. First and foremost, you're a living testimony to the techniques you shared with me about how women can improve in business, and other arenas. You ARE Lucidity speaking! While I am a person who enjoys the stats and background behind theory, I feel like your presentation was well-balanced in that area along with examples and facts about speech and communication. I also appreciated the personal advice about what I could do to improve when communicating (voice pitch). I appreciate your professional insight and feedback."
- Educator and Yoga Instructor

"Although I am an experienced speaker, I felt a few pangs of nervousness when I was to be interviewed for a video production that was to be viewed by President and Mrs. Obama. Michelle Morrisey came to my home to help me prepare for the interview. I was impressed that she was willing to come on a Saturday afternoon – the time that was most convenient for me. Her poise and professional manner were notable – she embodied the presentation skills which she came to teach me. She helped me to relax by reminding me that I was very familiar with the every aspect of the program that was the subject of the interview and gave me a prepared list of tips. We rehearsed my body language and placement during the interview including eye contact, leg placement, breathing and voice. She even reminded me that drinking too much coffee would in fact be drying and affect the quality of my voice during the interview. I skipped coffee the day of the interview. When I was interviewed the following Monday, I felt relaxed and responded easily to the questions and prompts from the questioner and cameraman. To my surprise, my interview was chosen as the narration for the entire presentation! That wouldn't have happened without Michelle's careful preparation."
- Founder, Prime Movers Media

"I found the presentation given by Mrs. Morrissey to be engaging and thought provoking. She challenged the staff to think critically about the importance of both verbal and non-verbal communication. She was professional and an expert on the subject matter. I would recommend Mrs. Morrissey to facilitate workshops at any institution that has challenges with customer service and communication. You will leave with tools to help you improve and group as a department and an institution."
- Student Success Programs Team Member, Prince George's Community College

"On behalf of the Prime Movers Media program at The George Washington University, I would like to thank you for speaking to our Fall 2012 intern cohort at our 09/14/12 training session and at our 09/21/12 training follow-up session. Both of your sessions on identity, communications and self-reflection really added to the tool kit we give to our students to ensure they are successful in their high school mentoring positions. You are a very dynamic and relatable speaker and my interns seemed very much at ease with you. I truly admired how easily you got them to open up not just to you, but to each other. Your ability to put them at ease made it a very relaxed an intimate environment where they were able to share their experiences among themselves without fear of judgment. Our interns now have another great resource from which they can pull information when they are in need of self-guidance in their classrooms. Thank you again for your wonderful work with our interns. We really appreciate all that you have done and will definitely recommend you to our community partners."
- Program Manager, Prime Movers Media