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Speak with Confidence

Learn better speaking skills and nonverbal communication when you work with Lucidity, LLC in Bowie, Maryland. When you need to improve your communication skills, we have the tools to make you the most effective communicator you can be. All forms of communication are important—from your body language to your writing skills. Whether you're managing a large group of people or writing an important document, we'll show you the best ways to get your ideas across.

Training Topics

We provide training, coaching, workshops, and in the following areas:

• Accent Reduction
• Art of Listening
• Communicate with Clarity
• Communication and Persuasion
• Communication Basics for Women
• Communication Health for Team Success
• Communication Skills for Technical Professionals
• Communication Styles
• Conflict Resolution
• Cross-Cultural Communication Competence
• Customer Service Coaching
• Diffusing Angry Customers 
• Email Etiquette
• Front Desk Skills
• Handling Competition for Your Attention
• Handling Difficult Discussions
• Language and Leadership

• Leadership Skills for Non-Managers
• Managing Meetings
• Motivating Employees through Communication
• Negotiation Skills
• Non-Verbal Communication
• Phone Etiquette
• Promotion Prep
• Public Speaking: Working Memory, Anxiety, and Focus
• Sensitivity for the Assertive/Assertiveness for the Sensitive
• The Impact and Power of Rejection in Business and Sales: You Shall Overcome
• The Role of Vocal Quality and Communication
• Time Management
• Understanding the Impact of Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in the Workplace
• Writing for Technical Professionals