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About Michele

Michele Gilliam Morrissey, M.A., CCC-SLP is the CEO and founder of Lucidity. With a Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology and a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, Michele brings a depth of academic study and preparation to her practice that sets her apart from her peers.

She adds sensitivity to her profession that has been cultivated from years of working with people of all demographics outside of the classroom and digging into complex communications problems to develop wide-reaching solutions.
Michele at a Speaking Engagement

Michele Gilliam Morrissey

Michele Gilliam Morrissey's progressive work blends science, a real-world approach, and a passion for helping people to communicate with intent, impact, and influence. An educator and communication coach with over two decades of experience, she transforms thinking with her laser-sharp analysis and consultative expertise.

As a speaker and trainer, Michele leads organizations to embrace communication as an art and to create transformative cultures wherever interpersonal interaction exists, whether it originates from the helpdesk or the executive's desk. She encourages organizations to ensure their communication is delivered with sincerity, authenticity, and transparency. She believes that all communication can connect, change, and compel, when done correctly.

Michele coaches individual clients to communicate for recognizable success. She teaches them how to master an expansive range of invaluable workplace skills, from commanding a stage to facilitating a compelling conversation. She broadens the concept of the presentation—she sees this as an opportunity. With Michele, speaking becomes engagement, messages become motivation, and words become power. After learning to speak with impact and convey ideas that resonate, Michele's clients have amplified their profits, productivity, and potential.

Having developed her own time-tested and universal methods, her work spans many industries. She has collaborated with educators, executives, physicians, and industry leaders to develop their own communication styles and voices infused with intentionality and influence.

Her big vision for her career is to help communities and corporations across the globe to change the way they see themselves, each other, and the people they serve and touch. She guides her clients to listen, speak, and act with heart.

A leader in her industry, Michele's insight has been captured for a number of national publications, including Black Enterprise, as well as the blogs She Owns It and Lifehack. She regularly connects with audiences through her energetic workshops, trainings, and keynotes on all things communications. Additionally, she serves as Director of Corporate Communications for Golf Women Mean Business.

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